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2013/09/11 08:01 Chip Dunning Card Sharp Card Sharp, he cannot remember his life or name before he was chosen, works with Chike to exercise the will of Thoth. He is currently the Hand of Th…
2013/09/11 08:17 Chip Dunning Chike Chike is the Tongue of Thoth, but she still remembers her terrible life before she was selected by Thoth as his emissary. She was kept in a harem for som…
2013/09/12 12:14 Chip Dunning Creature Features The abilities listed here are all about the basic nastiness found in a number of beastly and monstrous creatures in the Dresdenverse. Cost … ,
2013/09/25 05:40 Chip Dunning Death Heads The Death Heads can trace their lineage back to the resistance against Roman incursion into what was then called Germania. The sacrificial rites of… ,
2013/09/12 13:10 Chip Dunning Faerie Magic The abilities of the faerie focus heavily on the appearance of things. Glamours—faerie illusions — are the mode of the day, leading to the truism:… , ,
2013/09/02 07:49 Jackie Dunning Heinrich Frankenstein Jager Motto: “Life is full of simple choices.” Heinrich appears to be a large-boned woman with long, shaggy gray hair. She is just over… ,
2013/09/03 11:16 Chip Dunning John Keene John Keene, called Jack by his friends, served during the war in Europe until he was bit by a Red Court vampire. Although he has not fully turned (a… , , ,
2013/09/27 20:19 Chip Dunning Joseph Cochise Centuries ago, each tribe had its place. There wasn't peace, but there were only battles here and there. It wasn't the total war of the white … ,
2013/09/02 15:06 Jackie Dunning Lucas Ward Warden of the White Council Motto: “I will protect the world from the monsters of the Nevernever.” Lucas is a member of the White Council's Warden… ,
2013/09/04 12:51 Chip Dunning Midnighter's Club Lodge The lodge currently used by the Midnighter's Club was built in 1785 on land purchased by Randall Palmer. The building is constructed us… ,
2013/09/16 07:29 Chip Dunning Minor Abilities The minor supernatural abilities that exist in the world are too numerous to be categorized easily. All the same, you'll find some in the “Psyc… , ,
2013/09/02 15:18 Jackie Dunning Nevernever See Also: Nevernever The Nevernever is the realm beyond the physical. Anything beyond the mundane world comes from there. It is where wizards get t… ,
2013/09/16 09:26 Chip Dunning Nevernever Powers This category of powers is for those creatures other than Faeries that are strongly rooted in the Nevernever—like spirits and ghosts—as well … , ,
2013/09/16 08:15 Chip Dunning Psychic Abilities Psychic abilities seem to divide into two types — ones which are more trouble than they're worth (using the Sight can drive you mad; Cassandr… , ,
2013/09/13 12:23 Chip Dunning Shapeshifting Shapeshifting can happen solely in the mind, but more often it is an alteration of the body. The changed form may be greater or smaller in size t… ,
2013/09/03 06:08 Chip Dunning Sons of Abraham The Sons of Abraham is a Jewish Kabbalist Organization that works worldwide to protect the Jewish people and faith. History While the practic… ,
2013/09/14 14:30 Chip Dunning Speed When it comes right down to it in the battle between mankind and creatures of darkness, the creatures have the upper hand when it comes to physical capab… ,
2013/09/13 13:29 Chip Dunning Spellcraft Though certainly not exclusive to mankind, spellcraft is one of the few ways that mortal man can compete with the creatures of the Nevernever. True … ,
2013/09/03 06:24 Chip Dunning Spirits of Eternal War These spirits have been around since man first conceived of the idea of large scale warfare. Far more than simply picking up a rock and …
2013/09/14 15:44 Chip Dunning Strength Nothing matches supernatural strength for putting a hurt on an opponent quickly and decisively. Sadly for humanity, usually that opponent is...humanit… ,
2013/09/12 08:47 Chip Dunning Supernatural Powers Below is the list of supernatural powers available, most of which come from the “Dresden RPG: Your Story” book. Master List Note: If a li… ,
2013/09/13 12:51 Chip Dunning Toughness Supernatural creatures are difficult to kill. Sometimes they’re just impossible to damage without a specialized means, like magic or a weapon made of… ,
2013/09/14 16:24 Chip Dunning True Faith The power of belief is very real and very palpable in the Dresdenverse. This means that unshakable faith in a higher power — faith that the higher p… ,
2013/09/16 09:36 Chip Dunning Vampirism Vampirism abilities cover the need to feed, affecting creatures that feed on blood or emotions to gain their power. Not every creature with these abi… , ,
2013/09/03 11:19 Chip Dunning Vladimir Grimholt Vladimir “Raith” Grimholt is a white court vampire that works inside of the FBI. He has been transferred into Department 81 several times, bu… , , ,
2013/09/03 06:55 Chip Dunning Witches of Wissahickon This group was originally founded by Johannes Kelpius, who was a German Pietist who lived in the Philadelphia area. It was America's fir…