Department 81

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Department 81, also referred to as the Black Mysteries Department to people on the inside, is the department within the FBI that gets the “strange and unusual” cases that just do not find a fit anywhere else inside of the FBI. Although it is budgeted under the Counter-Terrorism Division within the FBI, it is the forgotten child of the division. While the other departments are flush with Homeland Security cash, Department 81 is one of those groups best forgotten.

The group was formed in 1981 by Barton McHenry. Mr. McHenry is a longtime member of the Midnighter's Club. He used his influence to make sure that the FBI would have people prepared to deal with the supernatural.

Typically, if an agent gets assigned to Department 81, it is seen as a dead end for that agent's career. Agents that work on these cases get a little crazy if they don't adjust to the realization that the world is not always bound by the laws of physics. There is also a high death rate in members of the department as the monsters they face are nearly always much tougher than the agents.

Department 81 has learned how to deal with the supernatural with help from the Midnighter's Club. They work to keep the reality of things low-key to keep from causing a public panic.

Arnold Klein

Special Agent in Charge (SAIC) Klein currently leads this department. He spends about half of his time fighting with other departments for his budget and half of his time interviewing agents that could be a good fit for his always understaffed department. The rest of his copious free time is spent meeting with important people on both the mundane and supernatural side of the street. While it is easy to explain to a representative of the White Court that he was in a meeting with his bosses, it is much more difficult when talking the other direction.

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