Midnighter's Club

First founded in New Amsterdam as a lodge of the Avalon Club. The original lodge was burned during the American Revolution and its surviving members fled to Baltimore, Maryland where they purchased a building near the bay. In 1785 Randall Palmer, the oldest member of the club, purchased land in Baltimore and built a Gothic-inspired building. This Gentlemen's Club became known as a center of European intellectuals in the colonies. Over the years Randall gathered men and eventually women he trusted to learn about the supernatural world.

The current address of the club is 1400 Fleet Street - in the real world this land is occupied by a parking garage. The club and its grounds are not considered neutral ground, but there is a coffee shop called Neutral Grounds near John Hopkins that is recognized as neutral territory under the Unseelie_Accords.

  • Moto: To Teach, To Guide, To Defend.
  • Location: Baltimore, Maryland
  • Founding: 1735
  • Assets:
    • Cash: $52 million
    • Land:$23 million
    • Other: $36 million
  • Members:
    • Full:
    • Friends:
    • Staff:

The roots of the club are found in the Avalon Club and the lodge in New Amsterdam. This club was destroyed during the American Revolution, but not before influencing a young wizard named Randall Palmer. Randall escaped the destruction and traveled to Baltimore where he purchased a house. Over the years he met with other young men who had some contact with the supernatural. These men formed the founding members of a new club.

The Midnighter's Club was founded in 1785 when Randall Palmer purchased a plot of land in Baltimore. On the land he built a Gothic-inspired Gentlemen's Club modeled after the traditional clubs in England. While Randall was a former member of the Avalon Club his new club was not a lodge of the Avalon, instead he built a club more suited to new American traditions.


This war marked the beginning of the modern changes to the club. Between its founding and America joining the “European War” the club remained isolated from both American society and the world at large. Randall had set aside the beliefs of the Avalon Club and become more like American society. The large scale destruction of the war changed him and the club.

Man was not ready for a war with the supernatural that hunted them. During WWI werewolves, vampires, and fae freely hunted the men and women of Europe. In order to stop this from happening the Board of Directors votes unanimously to begin educating a small group of people. The Merlin forbade this, but Randall was not in a mood to listen and he broke with the Council over this issue, gaining the support of the Avalon Club.

For the next 60 years the club continued to recruit influential members of society and educate them on what really happens in the dark. There have been an occasional misstep, but overall the club's strict selection process has served them well. Although they have never counted the President as a member, but there have been several high ranking Congressmen, Law Enforcement, and Spiritual Leaders.

Modern Era

This is much more of an upscale club based upon English Gentlemen's Clubs. The list of membership is very exclusive and their membership role counts several high-ranking government officials. They do not tolerate sleaze or scandal that could tarnish their image.

In 1962 the club purchased the lands around Wendy Road on the shores of the Liberty Reservoir and the historical Forest Inn near Reisterstown, Maryland. The club restored the building and converted part of it to the Full Moon Grill & Pub.

There are many prominent members of the club. Most of these people are Full or Founding Members. Many of those that have worked with the Club on its goals have been named as Friends before the Club; although they will not be listed here as a general rule.

Full Members

Randall Palmer

Main Article: Randall Palmer

Randall Palmer is a member of the White Council of Wizards; although he “left” them during the American Revolution. Before leaving he was part of a group within the Council called the “Avalon Club.” The members of the club oppose the current Merlin and desire a more active role in the world. Randall no longer holds the same ideas, but neither does he want Merlin's isolation. To achieve his goals he founded the Midnighter's Club in Baltimore.

Barton McHenry

Barton appears to be the oldest member of the Board of Directors; although Randall is older than him by several hundreds years. Barton is not a member of the supernatural community, but he has influence in Washington DC. He served two tours of duty in the Vietnam War and in 1974 he joined the FBI. He was the one who started up Department 81, otherwise known as the Black Mysteries group.

Dr. Felix Henderson MD

Dr. Henderson is a Doctor of Medicine who specializes in blood disorders. He has an office at John Hopkins University and is a partner in a practice in Elk Ridge, Maryland. After an encounter with a Red Court Vampire he found himself talking to Randall. After a few months he joined the club and would have hundreds of publications if anybody would believe him.

Dr. Henry Moss

Hank to his friends, Dr. Moss is a Doctor of Psychiatry with his own private practice in downtown Baltimore. He is a minor talent (Telemancer) and sits on the Board of Directors. Given his talent for mind manipulation, the Wardens of the White Council keep a very close eye on him.

The club maintains permanent staff as well as hiring temporary staff for formal occasions. Each of the permanent staff knows the truth of the club and while they may not believe everything, they have seen enough to understand the dangers in the world. Most of the staff are pure mortals, but a couple are members of the supernatural community.

Anais Dubois

Anais is in charge of all the staff of the club, both permanent and temporary. Both Damien and Sabina report to him as part of their normal duties. While many of the staff resent him stiff demeanor and near impossible attention to the smallest detail, the members of the club appreciate his work. The club is always orderly and inviting.

Ophelia Wolf

Main Article: Ophelia

Ophelia is the operational manager of the day-to-day operation of the club's facilities. She is responsible for the creation of a task group affiliated with the Midnighter's Club to use the club's resources to deal with the supernatural they preyed on humans. She was responsible for putting Joseph and Heinrich out on the street in dealing with kidnappings and murders.

Damien Lancaster

Damien Sergeant-At-Arms for the club. Unlike the Head of Security for even a large corporation, Damien knows what threatens the club and has the firepower to deal with it. Terrorist kidnappings are nothing compared to dealing with Sidhe, Vampires, and other dark things.

Sabina Lambert

Sabina is a http://dresdenfiles.wikia.com/wiki/Lycanthrope and was found on the streets of New York by Randall. She has worked to control the spirit of rage that has always been inside of her. She is in charge of the waitstaff of the club and runs the kitchen.

Derrick Corbin

Derrick is a member of the security team that serves as a nightwatchmen as well as acting bodyguard for VIPs of the club.

Victor Vanderhoffen

He works for Damien and along with Sebastian helped to watch over Heinrich.

Sebastian Dobbs

Along with Victor he was responsible for watching over Heinrich.