After having read the book I wanted to run a game in this urban fantasy. Lucky for me Evil Hat Productions was coming out with such a game. Unlucky for me it was a system called Fate that was semi-based upon Fudge RPG that always seemed interesting, but I could not get into it. Lucky for me I did take a chance on the system and I enjoy the concepts so much that I have converted over Miranda, my mainline fantasy game, over to use the system as well. There are some warts and head-scratchers, but it is a fun system for me to run and my players seem to enjoy it as well.

My Dresden game centers around the provided Nevermore (Baltimore) area, running as far north as Philadelphia and as far south as Newport News. It is meant to cover that entire Washington DC area and the political environment that has grown up in the area. The premise of the game is that during the Revolutionary War a spitfire of a wizard broke from the White Council and formed a group to help council the emerging leaders in what was happening on the supernatural side of things. Now this Midnighter's Club is seen as a old-boys network club that has high-level access to many people within the government.

Recently members of the club have urged its founders to not only work through the FBI (Department 81) and other government branches, but put together their own people to help provide the assistance that the White Council will never provide.

As with any RPG that lives inside of an existing universe there will be changes to what has happened or will happen from the books. While many of the pages for the core concepts will link off to Jim Butcher's website, Evil Hat's website, or the Dresden wikia - I will note on the page what changes from those sources in regards to my version of the universe.