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2013/09/23 08:38 Chip Dunning Bryan McDowell Bryan is a retired Marine that served in Afghanistan before joining the FBI. He was fast-tracked into Department 81 by some unknown benefactor. … , ,
2013/09/26 05:44 Chip Dunning Hack See Also: GM Only Hack, real name Bernard Steinburg, is the owner of Carte Blanche Cabs (CB) in Baltimore. Rules Aspects You have the Frustrated Ambit… ,
2013/09/02 07:49 Jackie Dunning Heinrich Frankenstein Jager Motto: “Life is full of simple choices.” Heinrich appears to be a large-boned woman with long, shaggy gray hair. She is just over… ,
2013/09/03 11:16 Chip Dunning John Keene John Keene, called Jack by his friends, served during the war in Europe until he was bit by a Red Court vampire. Although he has not fully turned (a… , , ,
2013/09/27 20:19 Chip Dunning Joseph Cochise Centuries ago, each tribe had its place. There wasn't peace, but there were only battles here and there. It wasn't the total war of the white … ,
2013/09/26 16:43 Chip Dunning Viola Messaline viola was born in the never never to a human mother and a fae father. her mother was a contemporary of Shakespeare, born in 1550. Viola was r… , ,
2013/09/03 11:19 Chip Dunning Vladimir Grimholt Vladimir “Raith” Grimholt is a white court vampire that works inside of the FBI. He has been transferred into Department 81 several times, bu… , , ,