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2013/09/03 11:05   Black Knights Killing Monsters with Superior Firepower The Black Knights is an underground Private Military Company (PMC) that was founded in the United State…
2013/09/04 08:54 Chip Dunning Charles Gomez Team Leader of the Black Knights Screaming Demons team Charles was once known as Sgt. Gomez with the 10th Mountain Division of the US Army in th… ,
2013/09/03 05:52 Chip Dunning Heilsing Heilsing is a secret Knightly Order of Britain. The number of people that have been knighted into this order or work for members of this order is know… ,
2013/09/04 10:10 Chip Dunning Lonnie Watts Intelligence man for the Black Knights Screaming Demons Lonnie's family had been in Detroit for nearly a century, but with the closing of the fac… ,
2013/09/02 15:47 Chip Dunning Mitchel Harris Known to his friends as Mitch and the other members of his squad as Sgt. Harris. Sgt. Harris is a supply clerk for the United States Marine Corp… ,
2013/09/03 06:08 Chip Dunning Sons of Abraham The Sons of Abraham is a Jewish Kabbalist Organization that works worldwide to protect the Jewish people and faith. History While the practic… ,
2013/09/11 08:49 Chip Dunning Terell Jackson Grew up on the streets of Miami to a broken home and quickly fell into various gangs. Never hooked up with any of the major gangs and managed to… ,