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2013/09/16 07:29 Chip Dunning Minor Abilities The minor supernatural abilities that exist in the world are too numerous to be categorized easily. All the same, you'll find some in the “Psyc… , ,
2013/09/16 09:26 Chip Dunning Nevernever Powers This category of powers is for those creatures other than Faeries that are strongly rooted in the Nevernever—like spirits and ghosts—as well … , ,
2013/09/16 08:15 Chip Dunning Psychic Abilities Psychic abilities seem to divide into two types — ones which are more trouble than they're worth (using the Sight can drive you mad; Cassandr… , ,
2013/09/16 09:36 Chip Dunning Vampirism Vampirism abilities cover the need to feed, affecting creatures that feed on blood or emotions to gain their power. Not every creature with these abi… , ,