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2013/09/04 07:04 Chip Dunning Adam Phillips Anti-Terrorist agent for Department of Homeland Security A very prickly man who does not tolerate anyone pissing in his pool. Even those who mus… ,
2013/09/02 15:58 Chip Dunning Arnold Klein Special Agent in Charge (SAIC) Arnold Klein is in charge of Department 81, which is the end of the line for strange cases that just do not fit any… ,
2013/09/23 08:38 Chip Dunning Bryan McDowell Bryan is a retired Marine that served in Afghanistan before joining the FBI. He was fast-tracked into Department 81 by some unknown benefactor. … , ,
2013/09/04 06:55 Chip Dunning Daniel Roberts Philadelphia PD Detective Detective Daniel Roberts works for the Philadelphia PD. Around the precinct he is known as the prankster, but while o… ,
2013/09/02 06:49   Department 81 See Also: FBI Department 81, also referred to as the Black Mysteries Department to people on the inside, is the department within the FBI that g… ,
2013/09/02 06:49   FBI Wikipedia: FBI organization authority ,
2013/09/02 20:14 Chip Dunning Frank Williams Frank Williams is a Baltimore Police Detective who works the night shift in neighborhoods that are deems “difficult” for the police. He is stron… ,
2013/09/03 05:52 Chip Dunning Heilsing Heilsing is a secret Knightly Order of Britain. The number of people that have been knighted into this order or work for members of this order is know… ,